Sorry this update has been well over due. The club and team has grown so much since the Hori Dori event has begun and the D1 Season been well underway.


Since Posting about the Hori Dori #2 back in July last year the Zerofighter Club and committee have since put on 4 more of these events with our Driftmas special leaving the Meremere Drag strip and testing out the Hampton Skid Pan. Here’s a brief Rundown with some pictures from the Past Few Events.

Hori Dori #3 13/8/2011

Early morning starts, drivings warming into it along with their cars. and plenty of broken parts. Robert’s diff  being one. but a quick repair down to a engineering shop welded back up and finsihed the day and also drove it home that evening.

Hori Dori #4 15/10/2011

This day was to be a bit of a mixed weather day with patchy rain. but the sun came out and things turned out to be a good day. Track 2 Street photography turned up with a bit of special entertainment competition ay the lunch break with setting up a clipping point on a wall on the wide left hand onto the straight. Here’s some footage from the day.

Hori Dori #5 DRIFTMAS 3/12/2011

This event Was put on for the Movember cause, where we supported prostate cancer. all the spectator entry donations were given to Nathan Steel for registering for the cause. a few other members supported the cause with sporting Mo’s just cause they can get away with it for the month. Here’s some footage from this event at the Hampton Skid Pan.

Ou Santa Clause and the girls who donated their time to help collect donations on the day. Thank you

Thanks to Rota for supporting the club and turning up to events with their stock to show off and give the guys a chance to see them in person.

Hori Dori #6 19/2/2012

The latest event to date, we’re now getting a large following and with restricting numbers of public drivers to 25 the spots seem to fill up pretty fast and we have our regular competitors that keep coming back for more. This last event was a very hot day but people stuck it in for the whole day and the cars lasted also. Here’s some footage from the day, the regulars are progressing very well since they first started at the Hori Dori events. Don from Taranaki coming up and driving well and even playing around with a few experienced drivers.

We worked with Richard & Jono at Vortex Racewear to produce some pit shirts for the boys to wear at club or national events, or even just out and about. We all like what they came up with. Thanks Vortex.

Will give you a bit more of an update later on about Todd Curtis’ wagon and the damage and lack of a boot lid

Thanks for catching up with the Zerofighter Club and Hori Dori event. Our next event Hori Dori #7 is on the 1st of April and that is no april fools joke. have a look at the events page on facebook.


About zfracing

We're a division of the Zero Fighter car club. With drivers looking to compete at a national level within New Zealand Motorsport. Most drivers are looking to compete in the drift series with the a couple looking towards circuit racing.
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